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A disproportionately brief tour of my gaps in literary knowledge and taste

I have good news and better news. The good news is that if you click the following link — yes, this one right here — you’ll be taken to a witty rumination on literary taste and knowledge. The better news is that it’s written by Dan Swensen, who has apparently started a brand spanking new site called Surly Muse that looks like it will be updated with some regularity. And the peasants rejoice! At the end of his post, Dan asks some direct questions that are probably intended to provoke comments and discussion on his own site. (Unfortunately, what he’s going to get from me is a lousy pingback.) He challenges us thusly:

So tell me, reader. What are your genre gaps? Any trashy series that you unabashedly love? Any classics you unreservedly hate? I’d like to know. Continue reading


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