Brad Pitt to slay giant squid (I hope)

This is the first I’ve heard that David Fincher is keen to remake (or re-adapt?) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for Disney. Richard Fleischer’s 1954 version of the film was a childhood favorite of mine, and I’d love to see what Fincher would do with the material, whether it’s a modern update of the earlier film or a more straightforward adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel. Between Fincher possibly remaking 20,000 Leagues and Joe Kosinski trying to do The Black Hole (another childhood fave), it looks like Disney might specifically be targeting me as the ideal audience. Now if only they could get Joe Johnston for that rumored Rocketeer remake and maybe Guillermo Del Toro for Journey to the Center of the Earth, I might just start physically to age backwards. ☕


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