Muppet Doctor Who

Amy Mebberson is freaking awesome.

I know I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks. I’ve got several posts in the works, including reactions to the new Who episodes, but this was too great to pass up. I caught Mebberson’s latest masterpiece on io9, and it seemed like a good opportunity to tell anyone who’s reading this blog to check out her stuff. The pic is linked to her Tumblr account, but check out her blog and DeviantArt pages as well.  Lots of great stuff in there. Just for reference, I jotted down a list of who’s Who in the pic. I believe I’ve got it all correct, but let me know if I’m wrong.  From top to bottom, left to right:

The Swedish Chef: Brigadier Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart

Spamela Hamderson: Rose Tyler

Bean Bunny: Adric

Animal: The Sixth Doctor

Gonzo: The Third Doctor

Sam the Eagle: The First Doctor

Annie Sue: Melanie “Mel” Bush

Camilla the Chicken: Sarah Jane Smith

Beaker: The Tenth Doctor

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew: The Seventh Doctor

Kermit: The Eleventh Doctor

Skeeter: Dorothy Gale “Ace” McShane

Rizzo: The Ninth Doctor

Floyd Pepper: The Fourth Doctor

Miss Piggy: Melody Pond/River Song

Fozzie: The Eighth Doctor

Janice: Leela

Rowlf: The Second Doctor

Pepe the King Prawn: Captain Jack Harkness

Scooter: The Fifth Doctor

Sweetums: James Robert “Jamie” McCrimmon

What do you think of the casting choices?  Personally, I think Scooter, Sweetums, Sam, and Animal are dead on, as are several others.  My wife particularly loved Bean Bunny as Adric.  It also seems obvious in retrospect that Miss Piggy would take the role of the Kermit the Eleventh’s super-badass cougar wife.  Overall, very impressive.☕


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