The Doctor is Coming to Catecinem…

That’s right: Catecinem will feature blog posts on each new Doctor Who episode!  If the picture of Sylvester McCoy in the right sidebar on the front page wasn’t a big enough clue, I’ll be more explicit: I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s only the greatest science fiction TV show ever produced.  Just ask Harlan Ellison.  A humanoid, nigh-immortal alien travels through time and space in a vehicle — called a TARDIS — whose exterior resembles an old British police phone box (but whose interior is nearly infinite in size).  Along the way, he picks up an assortment of companions and gets in all manner of wacky adventures that may or may not function as social criticism.  I recommend clicking here if you want to read a comprehensive, relatively brief, yet slightly more in-depth history of the Doctor.

I got into the show relatively recently.  Though I saw the awful TV movie back in 1996 when it first aired (thus making Paul McGann “my first Doctor”), it’s the new series, relaunched under the guidance of Russell T. Davies and now helmed by Steven Moffat, that turned me into a fan.  When I ran out of new episodes, I dug into the classic series.  The Seventh Doctor is my favorite of all the extant incarnations, for reasons I may get into at a later date.  Of the three new fellas, Matt Smith — a.k.a. the Eleventh Doctor, a.k.a. the Current Doctor — is by far the coolest.  Probably because he’s also the nerdiest.  Mostly because he wears a fez.  (Fezzes are cool.)

There are several other sites that blog each new Doctor Who episode, and of all of those, the ones I recommend the most highly are the Flick Filosopher, The House Next Door, Blogtor Who, and io9.

You’ve probably already read that the Chinese government has recently condemned time travel stories.  You realize what this means, don’t you?  Watching Doctor Who is no longer simply a massively enjoyable way to spend an hour of one’s time.

Watching Doctor Who is taking a stand against communist oppression.


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6 responses to “The Doctor is Coming to Catecinem…

  • Alex Maisey

    This post is so nerdy. I can’t wait for your reviews.

  • David

    The first post I saw of yours was the one on truth and fraudulence in Christian films, by which I knew you were a film buff and at least someone with interest in a Christian perspective. Then I saw your avatar picture, and realized that added to this you were also a Doctor Who nerd. Since I share these qualities, making your acquaintance is a must!

    I only just got into the show this year, actually. My 2011 has been defined by marathon runs through Series 1, 2, and 3. Series 1 and 2 have both been reviewed on my blog, and if I’m lucky I’ll have the Series 3 review done sometime this month (kind of unlikely, though — I comment on every episode, which takes lots of time to write).

    Unfortunately this means that I am not caught up to the Eleventh Doctor, and I am desperately avoiding spoilers for episodes I haven’t seen. So I won’t be able to read your DW reviews yet. But eventually!

    P.S. What’s the best way to navigate your blog? I see no category list, archives, or any way to find past posts of yours beyond the Search bar!

    • mjschneider

      Last things first: my blog is still more or less in progress. I’ve no idea about category lists, archives or any way to make my blog more navigable. But rest assured that I’m working on it, and I’ll hopefully have a more amenable blog experience coming your way in short order.

      I’m delighted to make your acquaintance as well. I’ve browsed your blog and posted a comment.

      I’m looking forward to your Series 3 commentary. The rundown on the first two series was very enjoyable, and it was kind of a nostalgia trip for me. I didn’t actually start watching the new series until after series 3 was already on DVD, so I haven’t been a Who nerd for terribly long, and the thrill of getting into the series for the first time still hasn’t worn off.

      Whenever you catch up to the current season, I hope you choose to start digging into the classic series. The production values are — er — inconsistent. But there’s some great writing and great acting going on, and the TARDIS sets are masterpieces of economy. A lot of the directors really knew how to handle the material, too, in terms of pacing, which is a tremendous feat given the half-hour serial format.

      I hesitate to say that series 6 is the best of all the relaunch seasons, since it’s only two episodes in, but those two episodes have been a one-two knockout. Moffat clearly has something very special planned for the Doctor and his loyal viewers, so if you need any more inducement to hurry and catch up, hopefully that’s it.

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  • David

    No worries, it took me awhile to figure it all out. Took me a couple months after that to get the aesthetic organization I wanted, and I still fiddle with it sometimes. All the categories, archives, and other helpful navigational tools that go in the margins can be found in Widgets, under the Appearance menu of your Dashboard. Anyway, good luck fiddling with all of that.

    I’m taking a little break to continue with the old Highlander series, but will definitely return to Doctor Who before long! The classic series will have its turn with me, too.

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